Thursday, 1 November 2012

Learing from Mistakes

Now I know…

::Even though I’d like to do less work on the weekend, because it’s the weekend, I now realise there is just more to do because everyone is home, making more of a mess in the house.

::Just because I like trying new recipes, doesn’t mean everyone else does. “What your not excited about beans in cookies?”

::There is no proper schedule for house keeping.

::We all need the space, patience, and time to be each our own person.

::Beer does not taste good in soup or bread. It’s just good for a drink.

::Life never gets easier. You either learn and move on, or adapt-whether the situation is good or bad.

::A large amount of chopped onions in the freezer stinks up the freezer and even the room the freezer is in for a while L

…now I just need to remember all the mistakes I learned from! J

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